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June 24, 2013

What is Responsive Web Design?

With day by day increasing of Smart Phones, Tablets and other device uses the responsiveness is now become a requirement of every website for all types of businesses. The More and more use of these devices leads to browsing the websites and blogs from the mobile web browsers. So it should be necessary for all the websites to look elegant with great user visibility to more customer engagements and user experience.

Thus the web designers need to adapt the technology trends and build the websites that are compatible with all types of devices and web browsers. Thus our web designer works with the responsiveness to create the website which looks elegant with all sized devices and results in customer engagements. The Traditional way of creating websites for the mobile web browsers is different versions of website for mobile, desktop and tablets. These tradition technology consumes a high amount of time as well as web space and needs a lot of functionality work. So we adapt the technology changes and now works on Responsive Web Design.

The alternative of this different version of website is that we create a standard website that is cross browser compatible as well as optimized for all sized devices for a great user experience. Thus Responsive Web Design technology is introduced to minimize the effort and provide good visibility for all device users.

Responsiveness is new approach of website design that ensures for a good look and feel of website for every user either they are viewing desktop version of website or mobile, tablet version of it. Its importance become slightly increasing from last few years as the sales and customer engagement is high than the desktop user sales.

Now from start of the year 2018 the Google has also update its algorithm for Mobile First indexing that means the websites with responsiveness will get high SEO ranking comparatively desktop version of sites.



Why Responsive

As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

If SEO is a core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential.

Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. It is only logical that mobile search will overtake desktop search at some point in the near future as well.

If SEO is a factor, here are three reasons why responsive web design is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy.